Thursday, December 31, 2015

New year, Resolutions and the Lie

December 31st.. The date that fills us with the excitement of holidays, long weekend, celebration, time with family, reunion with friends and what not. The fun in the anticipation of a new year is greater than the first day of the year.

"Time flies" - I believe, that is what we feel every December. We all keep saying that the current year seems to have passed faster and we rant about that every year. I think that is a big lie we say to ourselves. We did have lots of time. Time that we spent doing the "job"; which most of us don't love, time that we burnt watching hundreds of episodes of a TV series, time that we lost in hours of traffic, time that we wasted gossiping and the time that we just let it pass as we were busy in taking it for granted.

It's just another December 31st now and a serious question strikes me - is this how life is going to be? Lots of Decembers, along with the new year celebrations, where all the enthusiasm lasts for a day or may be just for few hours and then one day - we die. Irony is, it's always up to us to decide; to choose to make a difference.

Let's chase the dream we have been procrastinating, let's nail the resolutions we have failed this year, make new resolutions and let's hope we don't let the time fly!