Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dear blog... Happy Birthday

March 8, 2009.. this blog was born.

A place to scribble my thoughts, memoirs and stories.
Started with a child's enthusiasm.
When I read those posts of first year of my blogging, I feel stupid.
Some are really immature and I feel like laughing at myself.
Some make me think - "did i really write that?"
To be honest, every post makes me feel I could have written it in a better way.

Six years of blogging and 36 posts.
In these six years, I might not have written much but I have had the joy of weaving a story and of sketching a character.It gave me sense of being true self, of being alive and the ecstasy of being lost in my world of imagination.
These stories I wrote- made me smile, cry, dream and experience the emotions of the characters that I created. I did not just write them, I lived them.

I am grateful to everyone who kept reading my blog, no matter how seldom i wrote.
There were appreciations that filled me with deep sense of satisfaction and gave me loads of enthusiasm to write more. Nevertheless, there were criticisms that made me write better every time.

Long way to go...
So many stories yet to be written, waiting in my heart somewhere deep down...
Reaches of my imagination..yet to be explored...