Thursday, July 12, 2012

Defining "Success"

I have always tried to define Success, rather say i always tried to have my own definition of Success... i believe everybody has his/her own definition of Success. For few years i strongly felt Success means the ability to live the life as you think. i mean most of us have better thoughts, better lives in our minds but we hardly try to make it real.. we hardly live according to our ideals... i thought, if we could completely live according to our thoughts and ideals, then we are successful....
But as time passed the Success meant more for me.. Success means Happiness, Health, Strength, Money, Fame....  Success means Perfection.... But i don't know why, i wasn't satisfied with this definition.... Success means something else... something more than all these Money, Fame etc...
Now i feel, the true measure of success lies in how many times you smile in a day, how many wonderful moments you live in your life, how many best friends you have got, how many good books you read, how many places you travel.... it depends on how much you dream, help, care, share, love,... and the most important one, how big is the difference that you make in the lives of people around you... that defines your success.....
To make difference in the lives of people, to make difference in the whole world... i think that's the greatest achievement one can have.


  1. i think bringing change in an individuals life,more than in other's life, growing ahead of one's weakness can be a more precise definition for success.. Which will lead to an example for other's, thereby bringing change in else' life..

  2. Its Really true and the Definition which u mentioned its really amazing..

  3. Success is all about searching happiness around and unbound from all hassles....Short and crisp writing Bhargavi...