Friday, May 4, 2012

Missing those days...

I wanna go back to those days of childhood….
I wanna play with the color marbles, play on the swing for the whole day
I wanna paint again.. I wanna play with colors…
I wanna dream like I used to when I was a 10 yr old.. Dream of a room full of chocolates or chewing gums…
I wanna dream of that princess of my own fairy tales
I wanna write little poems with lots of rhyming words
I wanna write short stories with ‘talking-animals’ and a moral at the end
I want those innocent days of mine….  I want them back…. 

I just wonder how things change as we grow up. Dreams change… Things that make you happy, things that piss you off, everything changes….
A mango bite chocolate or a little chewing gum used to make my day. Now I love those big diary milk bars more than the little candies. I think even our desires grow bigger as we grow up. That little mobile we used to buy in fun fairs used to be stuffs of curiosity. Now I keep checking different sites for my dream mobile, confused with HTC, Samsung or iPhone …
I won’t pray God if the power goes while watching TV, I used to do that when I was a kid, because now I know I can watch any of my favorite shows in YouTube. I don’t wait for my favorite song to be played in any music channel, because I can easily download, preserve it my PC and listen whenever I want.
Few things that frustrate me are power cut, slow internet and when there is no reply for my messages from my friends. I wonder how we used to be in contacts with friends staying far away, for years together, with just a call per year. And usually that call used to be for wishing a "Happy Birthday". Now we text each other everyday yet we fight so often. Power cut used to be fun as we used to spend those ‘powerless’ hours on terrace, looking at sky, dreaming that I would study astronomy when I grow up….. Even now I enjoy staring at night sky for hours but now I know, Astronomy is not my cup of tea…..

Change is the rule of nature. I agree life would be really boring without change, I do love the change. But I don’t know why, am recalling those unforgettable memories of childhood, wishing to live them again. May be that’s just because my mind is overloaded with the stress of a “grown-up life”….