Sunday, November 13, 2011


exams had finished.all were happily leaving the exam hall.he was about to leave,then she came near him and gave him an envelope.she told,'happy holidays' and left.he was little surprised.he put that envelope into his pocket and decided to open it at home.
he knew that,it was a letter,may be a love letter......
she wrote,
 i know you might not be expecting this from me but i got to tell you few things.
on the first day of our college itself i was impressed seeing you.the happiest moment in my life till now is when you spoke to me for the first time.later the impression turned to attraction and then to infatuation.most of the time i kept watching you instead of listening to the started to visit my dreams very was some special kind of feeling i never went days passed the feeling became stronger.i was confused,i couldn't know what that feeling was.sometimes i felt to get rid of it but somewhere in the depth of my heart i was happy.
after spending few hours with myself , now my mind is calm.i have understood what i felt was purely a false one month of study holidays i'v almost stopped thinking about's been many days that you have stopped coming in my it's clear for me, this is not a time for commitment, it's the time for dedication.. dedication towards my studies.i am at the cross roads of my life and i need to be more serious regarding my future.
i will never forget your first stare at me,the way you spoke in that debate competition,your poems and those few conversations which i had with you.
now i am confident that i wont love you but you will have a special place in my heart because......
you were my first crush and probably the last one."
it was not a proposal but a confession.
classes began after two months of holidays.his eyes searched for her but she didn't turn up for one week.later someone told him that she had left the college and moved to some other place as her father had got transferred.
he felt angry that how could she go without caring for his reply.he tried to get her contact but didn't succeed.
days passed,he almost forgot her but her letter was preserved in his diary.
* * *
she was sitting in the bus staring at her watch.the bus was almost full of passengers.some of them were standing.suddenly she saw someone in the bus, staring at her.he smiled.she tried hard to smile was almost 5 years she saw him.she had thought she would never meet him these years life had changed so much,she was a grown up and had almost forgotten him.those things which once upon a time seemed special were silly and stupid now.she didn't try to talk to him and even he didn't.
the bus stopped,he came near her seat,pushed a small chit into her hands and got down the bus.
the bus started moving.he had written something on that chit.she tried hard to read seemed he had written that while the bus was moving.
it read- "even i had crush on you."
she smiled and looked through the window,he was standing there at the bus stop,looking at her and smiling.
they never met again.....
* * *
in the journey of life we travel with people who leave us when they reach their 'bus stop', they are never supposed to be our co-passengers,what we can do is just look back at them once and smile, but the journey should go on.....