Thursday, January 14, 2010

Miles away

whenever she feels sad,lonely or happy,she goes near window of her room,just to watch the Moon.she could n't even know how the time passes if she keeps watching Moon,her good companion,shining in the sky,miles away,bright and lonely.
one day a thought came,a desire to be near to Moon and also those stars twinkling.started thinking of that,Moon might be soft,cool,bright.....she knew that's highly impossible to be near Moon but couldn't stop thinking.....
she is in space.she is moving towards something which appears like's moon!!there are many craters on it,it shines because of sun,it's dry,rough,'s completely lifeless.
she is falling.she's not afraid but she is sad.she can feel her heart heavy.
she opens her eyes.she's lying on her bed.her eyes are wet.she sits near window,it's morning.hours before Moon has disappeared.
she opens her science book,reads about Moon.shocked!!what she saw in her dream is true.
for two or three days she couldn't see Moon.
now she is sitting near window,watching Moon,trying to forget that dream.yet there are many stars twinkling,she doesn't want to be near any of them  because.........
days have passed she has forgotten that dream completely and also her 'desire'.now Moon is shining,stars are twinkling but they are miles away and she is smiling.