Friday, September 4, 2009

Did they try to say something?

since two or three years i am getting some unique dreams.i feel they try to say something.some are conversations,some in the form of mails,greetings.some seem meaningless,some mysterious........
i would like mention such dreams- a greeting card it was written in dark blue colour-'acceptance is the way for happiness'.
2.a friend said-"the feeling or opinion that a person has about you is known by the way he/she treats you when he/she is with others".
3.'when the master and the disciple are in trouble,either master should sacrifice or disciple should sacrifice,but both shouldn't sacrifice'.
4.'a mind drifted by thoughts is just like a flowing river.any stone thrown into it makes no effect.a calm mind is just like a stagnant pond,even a small pebble thrown creates many ripples'.
5.'i talk and you all all listen not because i talk,you listen let anybody talk.but i talk only because you listen'.
6.'God gave everything to everyone but while giving interest,He gave that only to few'.
7.'follow the yellow grass,you will reach green grass.follow the green grass,surely you will reach the forest one day'.
8.someone said to me-"there may be any number of difficulties in the road,if once i realise that it takes me to my goal,i won't leave that road".
9.there is no logic for this game,what you have to do is just keep running.the moment you stop running you lose the game.
will be updating this if i get any such 'unique dreams' again.........


  1. thanks for sharing your feelings with the world.......i liked your wordings about the "dream"....

  2. Hi,
    Being a student..and keeping clear views of what to be done and when to more improtant than what to do and when to do.
    Because to be done is what makes you sure of the success, right? to do means...its an effort you are sure of...not the result.
    Keep clear vision...the rest will follow...
    wishes from a brotherly