Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ruins of the fort disturbed me

it was not for the first time that i visited Bidar,but i was more curious this may be because of the two historic novels which i had read recently.there was a time when i hated to study history,especially in the high school days.i always thought what's the use of studying past.but thanks to the great writers like 'S.L.Bhirappa' and 'Ta.Ra.Su' who changed my views regarding history and it's study.
29 July 2009,i went to Bidar with my was 11:45 am when we reached the fort.the clouds saved us from the harsh rays of sun.first we saw one of the bastions,stood on it,touched the huge cannon surmounted on it.the wonderful view that i got standing on that bastion is just unforgettable.but there were no guides,no one who can explain the history of the fort.every stone said it's own story,but i hardly understood that.some part of the fort were closed,not allowing the visitors to see of them is 'Rangeen Mahal'.there's a museum,even that's good.the fort is maintained in a good condition.while seeing the fort i just went on guessing that,this may be the palace,here the soldiers might have stood as defence,this may be the swimming pool,this may be........
i saw how a particular dynasty dominated the rule of other,at some places i could see that how a particular culture was suppressed by the other.
felt bad about myself that,why didn't i study the history before i visited the fort?the wonderful fountains and garden are so beautiful.i was feeling to capture everything but i had no camera.i tried hard to capture everything in my eyes........
few thoughts came into my time when i visit any fort I'll study it's history because i can't depend on any 'guides' and I'll carry a digital camera with me.when i shared these thoughts with my cousin,he told what's the use of it?what's the benefit to study the history?.......
i couldn't answer him.
then i decided,next time when i visit any fort I'll go with someone having the same interest as took two hours for us to come out of the fort.
though i came out of the fort physically,mentally my mind lingered in those ruins of the fort.
after i returned,searched for the information regarding the fort of Bidar.few links from where i gained little bit information regarding the fort.
i collected the images from 'Google images',first one is the entrance of the fort,second one is the wonderful view of the palace that we get when we stand in front of the museum,the third one is a snap of Rangeen Mahal.

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