Sunday, August 2, 2009

Friends in my life

friends play a very important role in my present i have very few friends.i don't know how far it is good to classify friends as good friends,close friends,best friends,just friends......
but it is true that every friend has his/her own importance.everyone has a 'best friend',even i too have one.i had to wait for 16 years to get such a friend.i believe that for a relation to be strong,there should be friendship between may be the relationship of a mom and daughter or husband and wife.
since my childhood i have got many friends.many of them departed in the journey of my dad used to get transferred once in every three years,i could stay in a city only for three once in 3 years i used to have new school,new friends and new neighbours.i can never forget the pain i suffered in every departure and every new adjustment.but life goes on.i couldn't keep contact with many of my 'lost friends'.i just have their greeting cards and letters to remember them.but very rarely it happens that we again meet the friends whom we had said bye long back.even i have got such a friend back in my life once again after a long break of 5 to 6 years passed i got few good friends,though we departed still we are in contact.thanks to the technology.
a great writer says we should be the best friend of ourselves because most of the time in our daily life we spend with ourselves.if today what i am,then there's a part of all of my friends.from every friend i learnt one or the other thing,like,to be generous,to be truthful,to hope,to dream and more than that to be what i am.sometimes we also get some bad memories in making friends.i think a lot before making someone as my friend because if once i consider anybody as my friend then it's very difficult for me to break that relationship.
few things i have learnt in my life till now regarding 'friendship',they are:'s better to be alone than to be in a bad or disagreed company.
2.don't take someone too close to your heart until and unless you realise that even you are close to their heart.
3.don't take any of your friend for granted.
4.don't talk about one friend with the other unnecessarily.'s better to have friends with same tastes and interest.
now with the evolving of networking sites the meaning of friendship is little bit changed.we have the people in our friends list whom we have never met and talked to.yet i have found some of my 'lost friends' in such sites and i am really thankful to it.
today being 'Friendship day' i would like to remember all of my friends and i thank God for making my life colourful with such wonderful and special friends.
i have read many forward messages,quotes and poems regarding friends and friendship,but this one i like a lot,that is,a forward message-
'we make so many friends,some become dearest,
some become special,felt in love with someone,
some go abroad,some change their cities,
some left us,we left some,
some are in contact,some are not in contact,
some don't contact because of their ego,
we don't contact some because of our ego,
what ever they were,how ever they are,
we still remember,love,miss,care for them
because of the part they played to make 'MEMORIES'............
Happy Friendship day!!

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