Sunday, August 30, 2009

The cat and the blood

it was just few days before exams,i was at was afternoon 3.00 was returning to office.he called mom,his voice was quite raised.we understood that something was wrong.when we went outside he showed the marks of blood near the flower was clear that an animal has gone that way with its prey.we guessed it was the cat which always tried to drink milk from our kitchen.few days back mom had told that the cat has become 'non-vegetarian' ,it has started eating other little creatures.the truth is,cat is a carnivorous animal.
then we went along those blood-marks,trying to know where that cat might have was clear that the cat was hid in that time dad had gone.none of us dared to go inside.i had read in a book that when an animal is with its prey,it may attack anyone who we waited till dad returns.we started discussing about the cat,it's prey,what that prey may be?a frog?a lizard?no,the blood marks were quite bigger,so thought the prey may be a big creature.i rarely like cats because i am afraid of their sharp nails.many times they had troubled by drinking milk,also a cat had broken one beautiful idol at home.
dad came back,we informed about the cat.he went inside the bathroom,made that cat run outside.then we saw a 'horrible scene'.the cat was walking slowly,unable to run,it was badly of its leg was half broken,it was still bleeding.for protection it was hid inside bathroom.
i don't know how that cat got hurt,i don't know where that cat went,whether that cat is still alive or not.but whenever i see any cat walking near my home i believe it's the same cat and it's alright now.this incident has changed my image regarding cat.i won't fear to that extent because i know it won't harm anyone unnecessarily.
this incident also realised me that,i have to think twice before coming to judgement about anything,even if i see through my own eyes.
कभी कभी जो दीखता है वो होता नहीं, और कभी कभी जो होता है वो दीखता नहीं ...........

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  1. that was really disturbing...i know its the common human predicament that we assume thing quickly. so it happened with you also. so you need not worry.