Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In search of happiness.....

i always wonder that where all i will search for happiness.there are many things which make me happy.i usually find happiness in mom's appreciation regarding me,dad's support and encouragement,sister's company,a friend's call or message,favourite teacher's class,someone's mails,a baby's smile,a movie,a song,a book,an article in the newspaper,T.V,PC,mobile,rain,sleep,dreams.......
uff!!the list goes varies according to a person's interest,tastes and his/her personality that in what all he/she finds happiness.but is that true that we really find happiness in these things......
when the power goes off,when battery loses its charge,the T.V,PC and mobile can't give me the happiness.instead i will get the double sadness.when i am left alone,the only thing that will be with me is i think the real happiness lies in myself.
I've realised it but to follow in the life is not that easy because the mind won't again starts to search the happiness in any situation,person or thing.sometimes i will feel bored,i will be in dumps,i will be unable to do anything,i will cry,it's all because i search for takes many days or years to find happiness in our self and stop searching for it anywhere else.
i had read a story,in which God decides to put the happiness in such a place that man will be unable to find it last He decides to put in the man himself because God knew that man may easily search the happiness wherever it is but he could never look for it inside himself.......
a question arises in my mind that,'was God afraid that if man finds happiness easily,he would have forgotten Him?????'.


  1. so every happiness ends very soon and we r always after it but nothing in this world gives happiness that lasts longer. we get bored with the things or situations that made us happy before. its a very strange but we ignore.
    You are right we love ourselves more than anything else so the real happiness lies in ourselves.

  2. really your thoughts are amazing! Even God knew that man would search for it everywhere except his insides. I totally agree with you. There would have been no temples, churches, mosques if that one thing: happiness would have been so easier to find!